how to change/remove the xenforo copyright footer

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how to change/remove the xenforo copyright footer

Postby tk1 » Sat May 11, 2013 1:27 pm

Hey guys i thought i should make this quick and easy tutorial to show you how to change/remove the xenforo copyright footer on your forums.

First of all to do this log in on your admin panel.

Next press appearance:
Then press Languages and on the side bar press Phrases:
Then put xenforo_copyright in the search bar and open up the one result:
Next Change the Phrase text to your desired footer, feel free to use HTML e.g © to make the copyright symbol.

Here is the page after i changed it to my requirements:
Now this is my forums front page, note on the bottom the footer now displays as my edited version.
And that's it, its that simple you now have done the tutorial! Enjoy!
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Re: how to change/remove the xenforo copyright footer

Postby kazirhut » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:52 pm

many of tricks to remove XenForo branding on forum site like editing phrase of xenforo_copyright but now it doesn't work anymore. So here i'm going to share you a new trick to 'remove xenforo branding finally.

Step 1: Sign in cpanel
Step 2: click on "public_html"
Step 3 : go to "Library" > "xenforo"
Step 4 : Open the "Application.php" with editor mood.
step 5 : Find 'Public static function getCopyrightHtml()'
step 6: edit or Remove the value as u desire.
step 7: save. done!
Look the images.
here we put instead of xenforo.
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